Commercial New Construction Electrical Installation in the Woodlawn and Clarksville, TN Area

Commercial New Construction Electrical Installation in the Woodlawn and Clarksville, TN Area


If you're a commercial company or business that's in the process of rebuilding your office or warehouse-or putting up a new office or offices-you'll need to invest in electrical build and new construction services. Part of the mandatory electrical process, electrical builds and new construction should always be done by a professional, certified electrician in the Woodlawn, TN area.

Locating a trustworthy new construction electrician should be a high priority when initiating a commercial building project. New construction electrical services are an indispensable aspect of completing a commercial project on time and according to specifications. The installation of every electrical application and fixture must be wired correctly to guarantee safe and reliable operations. When it comes to electricity, safety is more than a buzzword.

New construction electricians are accustomed to consulting with contractors and property owners to design and install professional quality electrical systems. Every master and journeyman electrician is trained, licensed, bonded, insured and background checked. The workmanship is always thorough and professional. Punctuality, accuracy and work site cleanliness are always taken seriously. The satisfaction of every customer is guaranteed.

It goes without saying, but the importance of a professional electrical installation is vital to the viability of any new construction project. Simply put, it's much more economical to do things correctly during the construction phase of a building project than make alterations later. That's why it's so important to find a dependable commercial electrician at the very outset of a new construction project.

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An electrical build and new construction refers to the process that occurs in a building before the drywall goes up. This is the part of the electrical process where an electrician will install any and all necessary wires, encasings, and put all of the electrical cables through studs and into power boxes. The specifics of what is included in an electrical build and new construction will differ based on the needs of your business.

After the drywall is put up, the electrician will return to finish the job by putting in light switches, caps, or any other necessary electrical fixtures.


With any new building project or renovation, electrical wiring will be required if the building plans on using electricity and must be done to Wichita city code. An electrical new construction will be planned in advance, and a professional electrician will handle all of the necessary wiring to any outlets, lights, or appliances. Without an electrical new construction, the building will not have access to electricity or it will be more costly to have it done after the walls have gone up.

Usually, an electrical new construction will take between a few days to a week depending upon the size of the commercial building. Call us today at 217-820-1879 to begin discussing your project.